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Green Guide for Teachers- Book Design & Development

Nature & Wildlife MediaPrint & Graphic Design

The Green Guide has been designed as a resource manual for environmental educators from formal as well as non-formal sectors and keeping in mind the need of interactive learning for students.

The guide is an excellent compilation of interesting facts and concepts from the field of wildlife and environment. It aims to enhance the classroom experience wherein the educators could use the information from the guide as brain teasers and make their teaching more effective.
Also to ensure that student projects are carried out in a systematic manner. It especially equips every educator with authentic and updated knowledge on natural history and environment, which is vital for environment education. It serves as singular, comprehensive resource on environmental education, thereby shifting the emphasis from referencing and compiling notes to actual learning and teaching by teachers.
The language of the guide is simple and the supporting illustrations and photographs make it interesting to read. The information has been compiled from various sources which includes BNHS publications, course material and various websites both national and international that provide information on environmental issues.

Number of Chapters: Seven
Chapter Contents:

  1. Did You Know (includes 226 facts)
  2. National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries (includes 12 popular national parks and sanctuaries with list 613 protected areas of India)
  3. Threatened Flora and Fauna (includes 44 species)
  4. Trade in Wildlife (includes 198 facts)
  5. Environmental Issues (includes 16 issues)
  6. Green Projects (includes 22 projects)
  7. Green Deeds (109 facts and eco-calendar)

On the eve of World Environment Day, the closing ceremony was organized at BNHS’s Conservation Education Centre, wherein the book ‘Green Guide for Teachers’ was launched by the hands of Smt. Usha Thorat, Vice-president, BNHS. The bilingual book was funded by MMR Environment Improvement Society (MMREIS) and Sir Dorabaji Tata Trust.

Concept & Compilations: Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi
Edited by: J.C. Daniel, Isaac Kehimkar, Kavita Kumar
Illustrations & Graphic Imagery: Sameer Kehimkar (LycodonFX)
Design & Layout: Alisha Kehimkar (LycodonFX)
Photographs: Isaac Kehimkar, Yogita Pednekar, Priti Choghale,
Dr.Sangeeta Dhanuka, Gauri Gurav, Sameer Kehimkar.
Printing: LycodonFX