The Creative Empire

Voila! -Here we are at our kingdom of creativity where artistic efforts are at par with up-to-date corporate & business system in the most effective mod.
Without any hassles we deliver services to our clients with sheer dedication & awesomeness crafted skilfully by our creative professionals’ team.

Success through Our Eyes

We aim to blowout a realm beyond the pinnacles of success for our company & our clients.
We hold pride in establishing a workplace with an environment that is stress-free where we think, design, create, innovate
& produce all at one go not only to serve but also to please our patrons with whatever they deserve the best from us.

The Spilling Talent Flow

Our enthusiastic & committed team buddies are our huge asset. Here we welcome all potential creative geniuses
who have their arty juices overflowing. Along with thorough exertion & dedication we establish an aura
amongst us with all the fun & creativity that comes in our way. Join us & help us spread the awesomeness!

Mastering the Natural art

We derive our inspirational muse from Nature & wildlife. For us the Mother Nature is the most decisive driving force in our designs
which is an inevitable part of the awe-inspiring designs we deliver. Take out LFX from the Nature but you can
never take out the Nature from the LFX is our ultimate stimulating Mantra, the natural way of course!

The Work-Art Explosion

We own packets of hard work & fun blasts exploding along our lines of growth! Consequently we let our clients speak first.
We abide by our client's expectations & keep a track of the processes maintaining regular follow-ups to uphold their
priorities as our guide to deal with the market trends & adding a modern design characteristic that would work in their advantage.

About Us

LycodonFX is a leading creative studio based in Navi Mumbai, where strategic thinking & creative execution bring concepts & strategies to life, across many forms of interactive media. Our focus is not only on aesthetics, but also on usability, functionality & high standards. Being a one-stop full-service digital agency that caters to a wide range of industries with their creative needs for fresh marketing & advertising solutions, we have gained deep understanding of how smart communication can effectively help businesses reach their target audience & create lasting bonds. Our list of services offered is also growing along with new & unique talented masters joining our team & making it more dynamic & versatile.

To provide a superior client experience with our Talent, Passion, Integrity & off-course lots of Fun.

LycodonFX also now known as LFX, was initially born as a home based production studio in 2005. During that time the team was mainly into production of wildlife & nature related media such as digital & hand illustrations, nature field guides, educational posters, awareness campaigns, interactive wall displays, wildlife books, etc. Over time the list of services slowly grew towards newer creative aspects that was transforming us into a one stop full service team. We started mastering new verticals like corporate & creative websites, 3D product modeling for brands, post production for film & TV, infographic & motion graphic videos for digital marketing along with print & outdoor advertising services.

Initially LFX was working with clients based in & around Mumbai who wanted different & unique forms of creative communication. Soon its past work generated significant amount of repeat & referral clients who wanted more & more services from the small yet dynamic team. As time went by, the team found themselves buried in emails, invoices, phone calls & deadlines to be met, even then the quality & attention to every specific clients was not compromised, however personal lives were gone to the dogs! So we started spreading our wings in search of new creative minds to add to our strengths & building a strong production house.

Today, we have our new sprawling creative studio, designed specially to suit our style & reflect our brand, located in the classiest commercial building in Vashi, right in the heart of Navi Mumbai, working with clients across the globe & our journey continues…. Now we are a strong self-sustaining creative machine, generating awesomeness that transform businesses into brands, for which LycodonFX is well known with the classes.

  • The term ‘LycodonFX’     is a combination of two words: the word ‘Lycodon’ is derived from the genus of colubrid snakes, known as wolf snakes or Lycodon & FX is short for ‘Effects’. It was coined to merge our founder Sameer Kehimkar’s two primary passions being Nature & Art.

    When this company was formed in 2005, our area of expertise was mainly wildlife & environmental designs & now the company has grown & created a space for itself in the sphere of advance communication design as well.
  • Our idea was always to build a creative family, rather than a company.

    That’s why we carefully designed our studio to be more like a home where we work together like a close-knit family. This gives us the room to explore our thoughts uninterrupted & the ground to create the magic that could be the next big idea.
  • We've built a smart & effective team of creative specialists who are constantly evolving ahead of time. Our team is diverse & what holds us together is the aim to work passionately & focus on taking creative communication to the next level. Below you can meet the shamans, ninjas, rock stars, tantrics & the crazy people that make us tick.

    With many years of global experience, our team has the aptitude, expertise, passion & professionalism to satisfy a truly diverse clientele.
  • Our core values have been rooted in having a creative approach towards all things in life. This is our driving force to our creativity-oriented business.

    Fortunately, success is a side effect of smart & effective work. Our key to success is mainly a simple approach that makes the big difference, as we believe in “Quality over quantity.”
  • LFX has a strong network of alliances spread across the globe who have been carefully selected as we choose to work with people who have identical values, ambitions & principles of doing business the right way. If you feel we can help you with our services or you can help us with yours, we are glad to hear from you!

The Core Team


Recent Tweets

Our Services

"We’re shaping industry trends & expanding our offering all the time. Our commercial focus is acquisition, engagement and conversion"

LycodonFX has experienced success, primarily because we love what we do. We believe that each client is unique & we customize our services to fit with their vision. Clients have reported a sharp increase in growth & footfalls after partnering with us. But more importantly, our clients have enjoyed the process of working with us as much as they loved the end product.

We stress on understanding the values of our client before we start designing products for them & this, coupled with our flexibility, has proven to give great results each time.

LFX is mainly a Communication Design Agency, may it be print or digital, we love it all!

We mainly work with Advertising Agencies, Production Houses & direct Clients helping them with broadcast design, motion graphics for TV Commercials, VFX (visual effects) as well as creative web design, presentation, print media, book design, product modeling, product photography, digital illustrations, BTL & ATL advertising & lot more…!!! Many times we are asked what all we do, so,click here for a detailed list of all services offered by LycodonFX.

What we love to do!

Brand & Identity Design

Logo Design | Brand Guidelines | Corporate Identity | Stationary | Copywriting
Smart, hand-crafted marks and type treatments, purpose-built to reflect your business ideology, fundamentals and core values. Simple yet effective designs that create lasting effects.

CGI & 3D Visualization

Visual Effects | 3D Modeling & Animation | Architectural Visualization | Realistic Physical Rendering | 3D Environments | Hyper Realistic Texturing
High-end graphics & visual-effects to add clarity, punch and interest to any production.

Motion Graphics-Videos

Motion Design | Broadcast Design | Channel Packaging | Info-Graphics | Post-Production | Logo Animation | Wedding Invitation| Lower Thirds | Animated Explainer Videos
Creatively smart and stunningly impressive images in motion. If a picture paints a thousand words' well, motion graphics takes this idea to a new level.

Nature & Wildlife Media

Wildlife & Nature Illustration | Creative Posters | Book design | Environmental Communications | Nature Conservation Media
The key to effective environmental awareness & conservation is Creative communication that changes perspective & triggers passion.

Print & Graphic Design

Graphics Design | Retail branding | Print Design | Books | Hoardings | Posters | Letterhead | Business Cards |Wedding Invite | Menu Design | Infographics
Smart designs to have direct impact that result to get & keep attention, simply put, its intelligence made visible.

Web & Digital Media

Website | Website Hosting | Emails | Domains & Hosting | Ecommerce | Web Banner | Blog/ WordPress | Application | UI / UX
Crisp, elegant, thoughtful designs to effectively engage viewers. This covers everything that happens via the internet, & the wide range of computer-based technology that we use every day.

Lycodonfx Showreel

Contact Us

LycodonFX Pvt. Ltd.
902, Satra Plaza,
Sector: 19D, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400 703

Tel: +91-9821267646

Email Us: Click Here

Company Profile: Download pdf

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