Hyper Realistic 3D Paintings

Check out some of the most incredible Hyper Realistic 3D Paintings,

This is a technique using acrylic paint on clear resin. This time-consuming technique requires resin mixed with a hardener, then painting on each hardened layer to create depth. The result is a 3d sculptural painting that can be viewed at any angle. Its amazing:) These paintings are said to “Alive without breath”
3D-Fish-Paintings (1)
3D-Fish-Paintings (2)3D-Fish-Paintings (3)3D-Fish-Paintings (4)3D-Fish-Paintings (5)3D-Fish-Paintings (6)3D-Fish-Paintings (7)3D-Fish-Paintings (8)3D-Fish-Paintings (9)3D-Fish-Paintings (10)3D-Fish-Paintings (11)3D-Fish-Paintings (12)3D-Fish-Paintings (13)3D-Fish-Paintings (14)3D-Fish-Paintings (15)3D-Fish-Paintings (16)3D-Fish-Paintings (17)3D-Fish-Paintings (18)3D-Fish-Paintings (19)3D-Fish-Paintings (20)3D-Fish-Paintings (21)3D-Fish-Paintings (22)3D-Fish-Paintings (23)3D-Fish-Paintings (24)3D-Fish-Paintings (25)

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