List of Creative Services Offered by LycodonFX

Below is a list of creative services offered by LycodonFX



Total Brand Nurturing
Brand Establishment
Brand Naming
Tag Lines/Jingles
Brand Marks / Logos
Logo Animation(2D/3D)
Corporate Identity Design and Production
Custom Merchandise Design and Production

Graphic design:

Icon Design
Custom Wallpapers

Nature Designs:

Environmental Posters/Handouts
Nature and Wildlife Conservation Material Design
Wildlife Awareness Books and Booklets
Illustrated and Pictorial Field Guides
Conservation and Environment Awareness concepts
Wildlife Merchandise
Wildlife/Nature Photographs

Print Media/ Marketing Collaterals:

Concept Brochures
Business Collaterals
Package Design
Invitation Design
Smart Print Advertising
Retail and POS Design
Niche Print Needs
Magazines / Books/Booklets
Coffee table Books
Signages/Wall Graphics
Outdoor & Billboard/Hoardings
Exhibition and Trade Show Graphics

Web & Technologies:

Newsletters and Emailers
User Interface Design
Domain Name Registration
Website Hosting
Web Design and Development
Website Redesign/Makeover
Website Maintenance/Updates
Web banners/ADs
Blogs /WordPress
Web Videos
Ecommerce/ shopping portal
Celebrity Website
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media and Marketing


Wildlife Illustration
Nature Art
Scientific Illustration
Traditional Art
Digital Art
Info graphics & Diagrams
Characters Concepts, Mascots & Caricatures

Interactive Media:

Virtual 360 Tours
360 tour for Architects and Interior Designers
Flash Presentations
Power Point Presentations
E-Books/ Digital Flip books

3D Anaglyph (Red Cyan):

3D Product Preview
3D Architecture
3D Interiors
3D Books / Print Media
3D Motion Graphics


3D Landscaping
3D Architecture
3D Character Development
3D Product Design
3D Architecture / Elevations
3D Interior/exterior Design
3D Medical Imaging
3D Exhibition Stall design

Post Production and Video Collateral:

Television broadcast fillers
Channel Idents
Educational Films
Industrial Films
Short Films
Add Commercials
Whiteboard Animation videos
Digital marketing Videos
Info-graphic Videos
Self Explanatory Presentations
Animated Web Graphics
Music Videos
Realistic Liquid Simulation
Fluid Simulation(Milk, Oil, swirls, splash, etc)
Microscopic animation( Cell bacteria DNA)
Motion Graphics
Logo Animation
Title Sequence
VFX and Compositing
Video Packaging
Animation for TVC & Commercials
Character animation
Dynamics and Simulation
Color Correction and Editing
Short films and Clips
TV Commercials
Character Intro animation
Kinetic typography
Sales & Promotional Video
Testimonial Videos
Video Scribe Animation
Explanatory Animation
Frame by Frame Animation
Stop motion Animation
Cutout Animation
Visitor/Employee Induction Video
Policy Induction Videos
Training Guides
CG Environment Modeling
Matte painting
Set extension
Product 360 Clips
Corporate Videos
Interactive Multimedia
2D/3D Animation
Mechanical Animation
Animated Infograhpics
Video Presentations
Product Demo & Screencast
Product Photography
360 Panoramas
Event Photo and Videography

To see some work related to the above, click here!

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  1. Vijay Ranka

    Want to know about the BRANDING & PRINT MEDIA/ MARKETING COLLATERALS. How you do all these, what are your charges, How much time you takes, etc.


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