Example’s of what NOT to do in advertising

The business of Advertising is fast-growing. From the time we get up in the morning, watching T.V, heading for work, till the time we come back home etc, we are bombarded with advertisements. There have been the best ad campaigns like Airtel: ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’ and we have seen ads like Axe chocolate man advertisement facing a ban.

Here are some recent examples of advertisements that faced many complaints from the Indian audiences. These sure showcase some of the dont’s when it comes to advertising –

1) Intex Technologies India Ltd’s ad featuring Farhan Akhtar was glitched by a few as it showcases Farhan Jumping off the rope to save his phone. The CCC i.e the Consumer Complaints Council concluded that the TVC without justifiable reason shows a dangerous practice.

2) The claims made by Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Toothpaste ad seems to be misleading.

3) In this Maruti Suzuki India Ltd’s Alto 800 ad shows a couple traveling with a diya in a car. This sure shows proves to be misleading and dangerous as it shows an oil lamp being carried in a car with the oil remaining intact.

4) The Surf excel liquid detergent ad is very entertaining. However, the kid was shown to be messing up with ink which stains his shirt and teeth. The ASCI viewed the ad and stated that ‘a child with ink-stained teeth and mouth’ may encourage minors to emulate such acts and in a manner potentially harmful to them.

5) This ad claims 21-day money back guarantee challenge on Revital.This too didn’t go down well with some audiences.

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