Why experiential marketing proves to be the BIG IDEA?

lycodonfx Why experiential marketing proves to be the BIG IDEA?

Experiential marketing is a technique where a brand is marketed using the 5 senses of the body so as to develop a strong connection with the target audience. The whole concept behind this is to let the person experience the brand before the purchase has been made. The greater use of elements like touch, hear,smell, taste and sight, the more is the retention power of the one who is experiencing it. Hence, the basic idea is to trigger the required emotions and rationality in the prospect’s mind so that he/she gets the taste of the brand ending up in a purchase.

Here are some of the best examples of experiential marketing which have managed to arouse people’s senses INSANELY –

1) Desigual gave out a free outfit! All one had to do was be one of the first 100 customers in the shop. But there’s a twist…
    The people were expected to turn out in their undergarments! This insane idea created a lot of buzz.


2) Lipton iced tea managed to give people the taste of the product without even sipping it. Check this out.

3) Coke and 007 movie Skyfall did something very interesting. check this out if you wanna know what “Racing against time” actually means.

4) We all have played Angry birds. How would it be to in public? Have a look.

5) This act is proved to be the individual’s test drive of his life! By word of mouth and big time social media, it truly truly become one of the most viral videos on the net.

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