Best Movie Opening Scenes Of All Time

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – A great example of a contemporary film featuring an old school animated introduction.

Vertigo – Vertigo features a masterfully crafted and almost hypnotic title sequence. A perfect opening to the film.

Skyfall – The opening credits perfectly set the mood of the film which express mystery, thriller and the inquisitive pace.

To kill a mockingbird – This one is beautifully made with the use of real elements and no CG.

The girl with the dragon tattoo – The liquidy ripples and the transitions makes one ready  to watch the film.

Lord of war – This video perfectly showcases the lifecycle of a bullet. Its really very engaging and the concept of the movie is well explained.

Coraline – Just like the name and the title sequence, this movie is freakishly awesome.

Seven – This particular title sequence creates the much needed enigma of a thriller film.


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