Awesome Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bottles into Something Creative!

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Almost everyone has dozens of empty, useless plastic bottles lying around, why not recycle those plastic bottles into Something more Creative and more Fun?
Below is a collection of various images to get your creativity out and running.
Check out this compilation of interesting inspirations.
Lets do our best to save the planet, always remember the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

If you have any Ideas of your own or have made something interesting, please share it with us or email it and we will have it added to the list below and help others make good use of used stuff!

amazing art from waste recycle plastic bottles-Lycodon FX (8)

A Collection of 25 Smart Branding & Identity Designs that stand out!

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What is a brand identity? Brand identity is what separates you from the other companies within the market. That’s why your products or services should be unique in quality and characteristics. There are some elements that make a good brand identity like brand culture, vision, relationships and presentations. All of them work together to form the ultimate brand identity.

Brand identity plays a major role in a process of getting your customers to know your company called “top mind awareness marketing”. It is the act of familiarizing your customers with your logo, tagline, corporate colors and anything that makes the whole unique identity of the company. It is more like programming your audience to remember you and by the time they need a service that you offer, you’ll be on the top of their choices. A professional design agency is very important for the process of the logo creation.

Below is a collection of smart Brand identity designs:

Branding & Identity Design-LycodonFx (1) (more…)