Bollywood growing upto better VFX and Graphics.

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bollywood VFX compilation
Mumbai (Bombay) based film industry, famously called as Bollywood, is getting closer to good visual effects (VFX), India has some of the best animators, CG artist, matte painters and great VFX studios, but more Indian talent is used in Hollywood movies, lots of high quality Hollywood work is outsourced and done in India. So, its not that Bollywood cant have stunning high quality VFX and graphics, It seems there is still very less need for that quality, as the audience of Bollywood movies ignore or overlook quality graphics and are happy with shoddy or even over exaggerated super obvious VFX. Many times the film makers want to show audience that “Hey, this is the part where we have added some VFX and look here too!” The word Subtle and Smart VFX is seldom seen!
However, its getting better every year, and here are few GOOD examples of Bollywood CG graphics and Visual Effects: (more…)

Why are infographic videos better than plain powerpoint presentations?

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As someone has rightly said,”Change is the only constant thing”.

And TECHNOLOGY seems to be the best example for that. With rushing times and constant bombardment of brand messages from all the four sides, the need for the brands to sustain in this competitive market is the most essential goal. (more…)

Example’s of what NOT to do in advertising

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The business of Advertising is fast-growing. From the time we get up in the morning, watching T.V, heading for work, till the time we come back home etc, we are bombarded with advertisements. There have been the best ad campaigns like Airtel: ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’ and we have seen ads like Axe chocolate man advertisement facing a ban. (more…)