Hyper Realistic 3D Paintings

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Check out some of the most incredible Hyper Realistic 3D Paintings,

This is a technique using acrylic paint on clear resin. This time-consuming technique requires resin mixed with a hardener, then painting on each hardened layer to create depth. The result is a 3d sculptural painting that can be viewed at any angle. Its amazing:) These paintings are said to “Alive without breath”
3D-Fish-Paintings (1) (more…)

Some Interesting Realistic 3D Rendering

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Some people like to highlight that all the glorious art has already been created. Those who say so perhaps forget to count in the endless possibilities of 3D design. Today movies can be filmed in a quarry of stone and 3D designers will add the turquoise sea, verdant pinewood and a surreal house on the shore.

The audience could suspect a house being improved using 3D design technique. But it is much easier to bribe with a landscape selling a matte-painting as the real one. Moreover, 3D designers are passionate to confuse questioning: “What do you think: is this a photograph or the art of 3D?” (more…)

Why your company needs a good website?

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Something that has drastically changed over the last few years is that the consumer now has a plethora of choices of where to shop locally for any given product. A common thing that many businesses overlook is the value that a well organized and designed website can offer. Not only is it a place to showcase some of your best work, or your sharpest looking products, but if built correctly it can function as a powerful leads generator. (more…)